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Barton Marine 21202 – Twin Speed 23:1 Sheet Winch


Barton Marine 21202 – Twin Speed 23:1 Sheet Winch


Composite WinchesSingle Speed 23:1A versatile alternative to conventional aluminium winches, the Barton range of composite winches offer significant cost and weight savings and are truly low maintenance. Virtually self-lubricating, friction-free and corrosion resistant, the ingenious use of advanced materials ensure consistent performance and reliability. Suitable as primaries for yachts up to 10M (30′) or as spinnaker/ halyard winches on larger craft; Red, blue and green colored top rings are included, giving you the ability to color-code winches to control lines, port or starboard, or just to match the color scheme of your boat; – cis2:mm5mnJlm -Quick Guide (pdf)
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