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Barton Marine Dinghy Mast Support


Barton Marine Dinghy Mast Support


Dinghy Mast SupportDesigned to support the aft end of a dinghy mast when towing. Simply fits onto standard transom fittings and is instantly ready for use. Fully adjustable for different transom heights and features a removable pintle to accommodate different transom layouts.The yolk features a soft neoprene pad to protect the mast, shrouds and lines. Generous eyelets in the yolk allow for a securing line to be easily attached. A trailer board can be fitted to the cross plate with 2 x 6mm screws (not supplied).Features: Easy to fit No fastenings required Fully and easily adjustable Increases towing safety Prevents damage to mast and deck; – cis2:mm5mnJlm –
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