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Barton Quick Cleat 1/4″ – On A Patch f/Inflatables


Barton Quick Cleat 1/4″ – On A Patch f/Inflatables


Quick Cleat 1/4″ – On A Patch for InflatablesThe Barton Marine Quick Cleat range is perfect for novices and seasoned mariners and takes the place of tying and releasing knots. The plastic varieties come in two sizes and are made of Dupont Zytel nylon composite and secure braided lines up to 10mm. The heavy-duty version is made of 316-grade Stainless Steel and is suited for marina use, larger yachts and ships, workboats, catamarans, and fishing boats to hold marine and boat gear securely on lines up to.The Barton Marine Quick Cleat range offers exceptional value and takes the stress out of tying knots – a great advantage when novice sailors are aboard or when you need quick hold or rapid removal of lines.Quick Cleats are easy to use: Simply rotate the lever on top of the cleat, insert the line and release the lever which secures the rope. Quick Cleats are designed to alter rope tension in one direction but grip the rope firmly and securely in the other. Securely hold fenders, tender and painter lines, Ribs, buckets, boat gear and equipment, covers and tarpaulins, water toys of all kinds.Features: Dupont Zytel nylon construction fitted on a Hypalon pad; Multi-weather adhesive tested up to 45 degrees C; Max Rope Diameter: up to 6mm; – cis2:mm5mnJlm –
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