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Barton Marine 21644 – Extra Large Wincher (Pair)


Barton Marine 21644 – Extra Large Wincher (Pair)


The Barton ‘Wincher'(Pair)Max Drum 90-100mm (3.54″-3.94″)Max Rope 12-16mm (0.47″-0.63″)Weight 387g (13.65oz)A specially designed rubber moulding which fits over the top of standard winches, converting them to self-tailing.This simple operation works when the line is sheeted under load, which means the coils climb up the winch drum and then become gripped by the underside of the Wincher’s rubber body.Cleating is achieved by locking the sheet into the Wincher’s ribbed central groove.Barton ‘Winchers’ are easy to fit and available in four sizes to suit a wide range of popular winches. – cis2:mm5mnJlm –
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